Mending Muscle and Ligaments with Sprain Treatments

Representing some of the most common soft tissue injuries, sprains can appear in almost any context and affect people of all ages. By taking the proactive approach with our sprain treatments, you can effectively mitigate current injuries and avoid future situations. The degree of an injury can range from minor to acute, which would, depending on the severity, require you to follow specific paths to recovery.

What Does Muscle Strain Rehab Entail?

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Straining a muscle or ligament involves sudden stretching or twisting, where the stress results in the tearing of muscle and ligament or pain in a joint. Injuries from sprains mean you have to actively improve your range of motion, strength, and confidence.

If left untreated, an injury such as a wrist sprain could become a permanent problem as your body tries to adapt to its new, reduced capability. By rehabilitating your hand sprain to regain full control, we can help ensure you have the best recovery and pain management.

When Would Wrist Rehab be Appropriate?

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People tend to downplay their injuries to avoid the process of receiving treatment and putting in the work to recover properly. We actively encourage individuals to seek help, even when the injury might seem minor at first.

Because you can’t physically see the amount of damage when you experience an elbow sprain, for example, your first thought might be to ‘give it time’ to heal - unfortunately, time does not heal all wounds. If you experience discomfort or struggle to complete tasks without pain, we suggest seeking help.

For a simple and convenient tendonitis rehab, let Auckland Hand Rehab take care of you.

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