CUSTOM MADE Thermoplastic splints and casts

Wanting custom made, waterproof supports for your finger, thumb, hand, wrist or elbow injury? We have you covered.

At Auckland Hand Rehab we can custom make waterproof splints and braces that are easier to use and more supportive.

Why do we use Thermoplastic splint:

Thermoplastic splints are lightweight, waterproof and re moldable that can be custom made to fit each patient individually. They are easier to wear while preforming everyday activities and allow patients to shower and swim without having to keep them dry.

Research has shown that thermoplastic splints enable patients to regain greater function in a shorter period of time.

Our experienced team of therapist are trained in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of upper limb injuries. We are passionate about getting you back to function as quickly as possible and our custom made thermoplastic splints allow this. We can custom make you a

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