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Have you broken a bone in your finger, hand, wrist or elbow. We make custom made waterproof splints that make your recovery that much more manageable.  We also are experts in providing post operative care if you have required surgery. Following this we can provide exercises and strengthening to regain full function of your hand.


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We are experts at treating everything from mild finger sprains to full dislocations, we treat muscle strains and tendonitis. We provide splints as appropriate as well as advice, education and exercises to get you moving again.


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Do you have pain at the base of your thumb that affects your ability to pinch or grip? Sore swollen joints in your fingers?  Arthritis in the thumb and fingers is very common and often debilitating. We off a range of splints that help support your joints and reduce your pain. As well as advice and education on how to stop your pain getting worse. 


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We can help with all types of overuse injuries. We provide expert advice and education on the best way to reduce pain and regain function.


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Are you experiencing pins and needles in your fingers and thumb (carpal tunnel syndrome) or sharp shooting wrist pain (de quervains). These are common pregnancy related hand conditions. We can provide you with custom made splint as well as advice and education to help reduce your pain and regain your function


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We can provide treatment to children of all ages. We are experts at making age appropriate splints and providing parents with the best advice and education you need in order for your child to make a full recovery. 



Splinting to protect healing tissue or stretch tight tissue:

  • Individually made thermoplastic splints for specific conditions and requirements.
  • A variety of soft splints as required for protection of the injured area.

  • Fiberglass and soft casts.

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Restore strength and function:

Educate client through a graduated strength programme incorporating; endurance, strength, power and proprioception. These are related to specific tasks required by each individual client. Specific sports tailored programmes can be liaised with coaches as required.

Restore movement:

Educate on appropriate exercises to increase movement at the correct time of healing.
Manual therapy to aid joint movements.

Prevent further injury/trauma:

Education is an important part of our treatment management. Advice on task modification and equipment available to help use the hand and upper arm in an improved way.

Management of swelling and pain:

Education, Strapping, Support, Acupuncture.

Encourage early movement:

Educate on appropriate early movements to prevent unnecessary stiffness.


If your hand or upper limb injury is the result of an accident, whether it be at work, home or play we can treat you either under ACC or your insurance provider.

If non accident related you may be eligible for treatment under your private insurance.

If you have surgery at North Shore or Waitakere Hospital, and it is non-ACC we can manage your post-operative rehabilitation free of charge.


ACC $25 Co Payment


Private $120 initial. $80 Follow up


Appointment No Show
(less than 2 hrs notice) $35

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