Regaining Mobility with Our Fracture Treatments

After an injury, it can be difficult to muster up the courage and confidence to start using your body again without fear. With our fracture treatments, we look to improve not only your physical but also your mental recovery. By following our trusted treatment options and working with our hand physio’s, we can help you recover and get you back to using your hand again as before.

What Conditions Can We Assist With?

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Our knowledgeable hand physio starts by assessing your injury in detail, from here, we can begin to plot out a recovery and treatment plan. From sports injuries to mishaps at your home, we approach each patient with the same care and consideration.

We can assist you with fractures and sprains, arthritis treatments, conditions caused by overuse such as carpal tunnel, and pregnancy-related conditions. Some treatments are also available to children.

How We Approach Bone Fracture Treatments

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Whether you already have a splint or cast, which we can also provide, we set up certain milestones with you throughout your treatment. As with all our fracture treatments, we help you restore strength and functioning to restore movement to the greatest capacity.

By working closely with our patients and educating them on their wrist fracture rehab or elbow fracture rehab, we can work towards a speedy and successful recovery and better methods after recovery.

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